Hair Removal

Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing well 🙂

 I definitely inherited the Italian genes when it comes to ‘unwanted hair.’ Unfortunately, I have hair on the sides of my face (I don’t really like using the term sideburns, sounds too abrupt for me) and the sides of my neck. I would get questioned at school why on earth I had hair in these particular areas. Even a boy at school notably stated to me how hairy my arms were. (Kids can be so cruel! And as a result I became incredibly self conscious) After the slight bullying at school I thought it was time to say ciao for now to those unsightly hairs!
I have tried MANY different facial hair removal methods, these include: shaving, waxing, IPL, hair removal cream and threading. If you have a low tolerance for pain I do not recommend doing threading for sides of face, because it can hurt!
These particular procedures tend to be overly expensive, and sometimes just a waste of time! I was browsing online and came across this product ‘Tinkle Razor’  that I have never heard of until now. I wish I had known about this product a long long time ago! It is cheap, simple and yet quite effective.
The stainless blade is approximately 3.8cm long with a plastic covering protector and easy grip. Make sure to use little strokes with downward movements when removing hair. GOOD TIP- I have sensitive skin, and if you do too, ensure to put some moisturiser on before so your skin doesn’t react.
I would say the only downside is that I wouldn’t recommend using it for your eyebrows. It doesn’t seem precise enough for me. Personally, I prefer to thread my eyebrows. Despite this, I thoroughly enjoy using this product on the sides of my face, neck and upper lip.   But thats just me, everybody is different in what their hair removal preference is. Guess what though, no matter what us girls do to get rid of hair, it always ends up growing back doesn’t it?!
Overall, I would say this product is very convenient for when you are on the run, don’t have that extra time or are just not wanting to spend that money. (Trust me, I know I have wasted so much money with many different methods that I end up being disappointed in)  I like trying new things, and I think I will definitely repurchase this item as it really does help to remove those light, wispy hairs. I would love for you guys to share with me any great experiences with products worth knowing about.
Gem 🙂

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