A few of my favourite things: Milani Baked Blush

Hello there!

I recently purchased two of the Milani Baked Blushes in shades 05 Luminoso and 10 Delizioso Pink. The packaging is just so darn cute as well! I purchased them online for approximately $16 AUD each. Also within the packaging there is a mirror and small blush brush to use. (You probably can even get them cheaper other places. Nevertheless is that not a bargain considering how long blushes last for?) Now, I must say these are no doubt the BEST drugstore blushes I have used. I absolutely recommend for you girls out there to try them out. I have tried many high end blush products before, but seriously, nothing does it like these blushes, they are bellissimo!! Now I am half italian, half English, so I have a rather yellow toned skin colour. I love my pink blushes and Delizioso Pink has a gorgeous pigmentation colour, you only need to use a little bit to go a long way! Luminoso is a much softer, natural peachy tone. What I love about the Luminoso colour is that it has a soft shimmer to it and gives you a nice glow. There are many other colours that I am willing to try out, let’s see if I’m brave enough to try out the Bella Rosa red coloured blush!!

Have any of you guys tried out these Milani baked blushes before? What are your favourites? Would love to hear your thoughts!!

Gem 🙂



Top swatch: Luminoso Bottom swatch: Delizioso Pink

(p.s  These swatches were shaded twice on me for everyone to see the colour distinctions, hence it wouldn’t look this severe on your face in case you were wondering haha)


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