MAC PRO Lip Palette 

Vintage Classic look with a bit of a modern twist
Hello to everybody out there and welcome back! 🙂
Have you ever wanted to find a red shade that you REALLY love? Well, today I wanted to try a simple classic look and thought I might blog it! As a gift, I kindly received the MAC PRO Lip Palette, and this gorgeous palette consists of 6 editorial reds.
Lip colour names: Top Left- Lady Danger; Top Right- On Hold Middle Left- Russian Red; Middle Right- Mac Red Bottom Left- Ruby Woo; Bottom Right- Dare You
Additionally, a MAC 318 lip brush is used with this palette.
I just love applying makeup! Experimenting with makeup is one of the funnest things. Don’t you agree?!  Precision of applying lipstick is crucial, so always take your time and no need to rush. Make sure to focus on your natural lip line, you don’t want it to look over the top.
Personally, I LOVE MAC lipsticks, there are exquisitely creamy with stunning pigmentations giving a lovely end result. Not only that, but there are many many different colours to choose from you don’t know where to begin! This palette is a wonderful purchase for anybody loving red shades. Honestly, none of us want to own just one red lipstick. Having a red lip palette gives you a greater variety of choices depending on your mood or what colour may go better with your outfit. Whatever the reason is, go out and try this product!
With my makeup today, I decided to do a more natural look using the Napoleon Perdis Prismatic Eyeshadow Quads. After all, the focus is primarily on the lipstick. I am wearing the ‘On Hold’ lipstick shade which is a softer, cremesheen red. The colour is a mid-tone yellow raspberry.
I really hope you guys enjoy reading this blog! Please comment and pass on your thoughts to me! Also, here is a swatch of each colour of the 6 MAC Editorial Reds. Thank-you so much and have a good one!
Swatches of MAC Pro Lip Palette, Editorial Reds Names of lipstick colours from left to right (Lady Danger, On Hold, Russian Red, Mac Red, Ruby Woo, Dare You)
What’s your favourite? I love them all to be honest!!
Gemmy 🙂

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