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In this blog I want to discuss primarily about foundation primers. I will discuss some of my favourite primers I have in my makeup collection. Now in terms of where to purchase these particular primers, they are found online or at particular shopping centres.
My primer collection!
My primer collection!
It is incredibly vital to use a primer within your makeup routine as it sets your foundation base. It helps your foundation glide on evenly and smooth, and additionally provides a longevity for well set foundation.
If you do not use a primer, PLEASE consider getting one that I mention through this blog. Not to prime is a crime!!
PERSONAL THOUGHTS: I prefer to use primers that are clear, transparent and non-tinted before I apply my foundation. Also, I like to make sure I have thoroughly moisturised my skin before I apply any primer.
I have used this primer since I was 16. I love it just as much and I use it with my Napoleon China Doll Foundation. This particular primer contains Vitamin E, chamomile and yarrow extract. It feels and looks like a moisturiser. So for me, this primer is very moisturising, smooth and hydrating for my skin and has always helped to minimise my oily T-zone.
I started using Arbonne’s Makeup primer at the beginning of this year and really like how this one feels on my skin. Some of its ingredients comprise of grape seed extract, apricot, silica and leaf extract. I recommend this primer if you are interested in cruelty free products, it is vegan and cruelty free. Arbonne’s primer is transparent and gel-like. It glides on well and certainly creates a smooth surface. Additionally, it helps to diminish the appearance of fine lines and pores.
Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser Primer $15.95 (Although you can get it on sale sometimes)
This is another new primer for me that I have started using this year, and I am thoroughly enjoying this one! Maybelline’s Baby Skin Primer contains a cherry extract. It is very silky, smooth and is a transparent gel. You actually can use this particular primer alone, however I prefer to wear it under my foundation. I truly love how this primer refines the appearance of my skin and how my foundation sets.
L’oreal Infallible Matte Priming Base $29.95 (Although you can get it on sale sometimes)
L’oreals primer feels very similar to Maybelline’s Baby Skin Primer. Again, this primer is a transparent gel that glides smoothly on my skin. It has a silky texture and is obviously very mattifying to the skin creating a soft, matte look for my skin. Not only does it softened appearance, L’oreals primer minimises imperfections, pores and shine. Preferably, I wear this primer along with my L’oreal true match foundation in Golden Ivory.
Benefit the POREfessional Face Primer  22ml- $53  or mini size; $20
I received this primer last week from the Doll Connection Event, I was very very excited to see it in my goodies bag!
First impression: At the moment this has to be my favourite primer out of my collection. Any of my foundations glide on very well from this particular product.
Benefit’s POREfessional Primer is translucent, light weight and an oil-free balm that contains Vitamin E. It minimises the appearance of pores AND controls oil production of face. This is beneficial for me as my skin gets rather oily in the T-zone area, therefore, I love using this primer to reduce excess shine. Another benefit (pun intended) to bring into consideration is that you can put this primer over your make-up as well if you feel your skin is starting to look or feel oily.
Dermalogica Skin Perfect Primer $69 (However you can get it a lot cheaper on certain websites)
I really love to wear this neutral tint primer on its own if if I am having a no make-up day. Ingredients of this primer contain soy protein, silicone, pearl powder, peptide and white tea. It has no artificial fragrances and want to hear something uplifting?? Well.. It helps to control the signs of aging. I adore the natural, brightening and luminous look this primer gives. It contains SPF 30, which is a bonus as it is highly vital for us all to wear SPF EVERYDAY!!
So overall, I really do enjoy every aspect of all of these make-up primers. They all truly have their own uniqueness. If you don’t have any of these particular brands, why not give one a go? But what it comes down to, is what you are comfortable with. But with saying that ladies it is always good to go out of your comfort zone and experience new products. I’m sure you will love one of these primers! 🙂
Thank-you so much for reading and talk to you until next time.
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 Gem xx

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