Summer time: Tanners/Body Cover

Hello everyone, this is my first blog for 2016!! 😀
Since it’s summer at the moment, I thought it would be great to discuss some different self-tanners I have been experimenting with. I prefer to use these types of products instead of baking myself in the sun! Especially where I live, the sun is very dangerous. If you do go out in the sun, PLEASE wear sunscreen! In Australia, Melanoma is the 3rd most common cancer.
I have thoroughly been enjoying trying out all of these different tanning products. My best overall advice is to shake these particular products very well, always wash your hands after use and wait a few minutes before putting clothes on! They each have different scents, textures and end results which I will explain. So lets begin!
Price: $70 AUD – 118mL
Their website states: ‘Capture the look of summer with our self-tanner that adds touch of bronze instantly while developing an even, natural-looking tan within 2 hours. Skin feels healthy and hydrated with its refreshing scent and quick-drying formula. You’re good to glow.’
There is only one shade for Arbonne’s tanner containing botanically based ingredients such as fruit and leaf extracts. I find this product gives a very nice, natural tan. It’s texture is very serum-like and easy to apply. *
Price: $10.50 AUD – 400mL
Their website states: ‘Dove Summer Glow lotion with a subtle self-tanner hydrates your skin while enhancing your natural skin colour. The unique combination of active Dove moisturisers and self tanning agents will gradually build a light tan and leave your skin silky smooth all year round. Winner of InStyle Reader’s Choice Best Beauty Buy Dove Summer Glow.’
Dove’s Summer Glow lotion has two shades Fair to Medium & Medium to Dark. I have shade Medium to Dark, however I think I’m probably better ff using the Fair to Medium shade. This product is much more gradual, you will see a difference in a few days, then maintain it by applying it every few days. The texture of Dove’s Summer Glow is thick, so I only use a small amount. It truly gives me a great result; a very tanned look! If you are looking for a darker tan, go for this product!  It definitely enhances my skin tone, giving me a great summer glow and the colour lasts wonderfully. Additionally, this product now contains 50% more active moisturiser and SPF 15.
Price: $15 AUD – 125mL
Their website states: ‘Now you can enjoy an all-over healthy looking glow with a touch of BB cream perfection in one easy step.’
There are shades Light & Medium, I was given shade Medium. This product has 9 in 1 benefits: it softens, smoothes, moisturises, gives an instant tan, creates a healthy looking glow, evens skin tone, covers, perfects and lasts up to 24 hours. If you desire to remove this product, just use soap and water. Don’t be alarmed by the picture, it seems very dark, but once you have rubbed it evenly into your skin it promotes a lovely tan. This cream is very instant and the end results are very quick and convenient. In this case, you really need to rub this cream well to ensure it is evened out on your skin. You can use a mit, but I prefer to use my hands.
Price: $39 AUD – 120mL
Their website states: ‘Exude health and holiday vibes with the luxurious Body Glow Oil. This lavish, radiant oil is designed to give flawless coverage while distributing an even bronzed glow. Containing a unique combination of moisturising ingredients including coconut oil it is both hydrating and nourishing for the skin. With a coconut scent, the Body Glow Oil is the ultimate multi-purpose lightweight beauty product this side of the tropics.’


The Base is a self-tanning company by Lara Bingle. As you can see by the picture, it looks like quite a dark shade. However, once you have blended it in thoroughly with your hands, this body glow oil gives my skin a very natural and glistening glow.  It comes in one shade, feels very light weight and serum-like and you can use this product every day. I love how this product feels on my skin; very moisturising and smells so good!


Dermablend Leg & Body Cover

Price: $47.95 AUD – 100mL
Their website states: ‘A medium coverage liquid foundation. Whether it’s a bride’s scar, a model’s spider veins or even a priest’s tattoo. Leg and Body Cover provides comfortable, flawless and medium camouflage in a natural finish.’
This product comes in 12 different shades: Ivory, light, tawny, beige, natural, medium, golden, suntan, caramel, bronze, toast and dark. I have shade Beige. Now this product isn’t necessarily for tanning, but it is a wonderful coverup! Especially in the summer time wearing more revealing clothes. It helps to covers tattoos, spider & varicose veins, stretch marks, bruises, scars, birthmarks and skin imperfections. My mother is absolutely amazed by this product, she loves using it to cover up her veins. She even said ‘this 100% works, my confidence has been boosted!’ If you are self-conscious for certain reasons, this product works wonders!
To conclude, it’s entirely your decision of what tanner you prefer to wear and use! Thanks so much for reading and talk until next time!
Gemma 🙂
*Note: This product of Arbonne does not contain SPF.

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