MAC Cinderella Makeup

I’ve been a big fan of Cinderella since I was around 5 years old. I loved the message that Cinderella promoted ‘have courage and be kind’ and of course I believed I could transform myself into a beautiful dress and turn a pumpkin into a carriage. Luckily enough, when the recent movie Cinderella was released, MAC Cosmetics decided to release Cinderella Makeup! I’m truly reliving my childhood with this makeup.
MAC is an American cosmetics company headquarted in New York City. Their website states: ‘The most famous Disney princess of all inspires a limited-edition colour collection magical enough to make all your dreams come true. Beloved for her kind heart and determined mind that dares to dream. All products are transformed in specially designed pearlized light lavender blue packaging that could rival the most regal of gowns.’
Where to purchase: It’s best to probably try and purchase these particular products on Ebay now 😉
Stroke of Midnight Eyeshadow Palette
The shades of this palette are of a neutral theme, which include:
Vapour: Peach pink with violet pearl. I like to use this as my base shade.
Phloof: Frosted off white. I find this shade is great to highlight your brow bones with.
Omega: Soft muted beige-taupe.
Quarry: soft muted plum-brown. This particular shade gives a very matte look.
Satin Taupe: Taupe with silver shimmer.
Stroke of midnight: Black plum with sparkle pearl.
I find these eye shadows are of good pigmentation, soft and smooth to apply and easy to blend.
Coupe D’Chic Iridescent Powder/Pressed
The colour of this product is described as ‘light golden peach with gold shimmer.’
Unfortunately I’m not so impressed with this product as a highlighter, for me I find it doesn’t work as well as I expected it to. I find it difficult to build up and it doesn’t really stay where I apply it which is above my cheekbones, it seems it fall very easily. The texture isn’t as soft as I expected, its much tougher. Nevertheless, it is quite sparkly and may work well for others 🙂
Cinderella Tinted Lipglass 
I have the shade Glass slipper. This shade is described as a ‘light milky pink with pinkish pearl.’ For me it gives a translucent, sparkly look.
Lipstick Royal Ball
This nude lipstick colour is described as ‘fleshy pink with a lustre finish’ It has a sparkly, soft toned pink to it. I like to wear this lipstick when I’m having a natural makeup look.
It’s always exciting to experiment with new makeup and discuss my personal opinions of it. Thanks so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this blog and talk until next time!
Gem’s Beauty Blog 🙂
NOTE: If you wish to see the image more clearer and bigger, please click on image.

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