Zuii Organic

I was doing some research of Australian Cosmetic companies and came across Zuii Organic, got in contact with them and kindly received samples of liquid foundation, powder foundation, lipstick, blush and eyeshadow.

Zuii Organic is a unique range made in Australia with a special blend of flora ingredients such as Rose, Jasmin & Chamomile Flowers. Their range is Professional Certified Organic meaning it is free of any petrochemicals, parabens, fillers or talc while still achieving results and performance. Their website states: ‘A brand that loves your skin, the environment and the creativity of makeup in itself.’


Here are a few important key points to take into consideration of why Zuii organic is so amazing and unique:

  • Certified Organic
  • Made from Flowers
  • No Harsh Chemicals
  • Australian Made
  • Vegan Friendly Options
  • Not tested on Animals


NOTE: Samples cost $2 each on their website: http://www.zuiiorganic.com.  Samples contain a small amount for approximately 1-3 wears to test. 


Liquid Foundation ($44.95 AUD) 

Zuii’s Flora Liquid Foundation has a smooth silky natural finish. It contains Calendula*, Aloe Vera, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. It is a moisturiser and foundation in one, containing antioxidant properties to help soothe skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Additionally it is suitable for all skin types; including sensitive skin.

This liquid foundation comes in 24 shades and I have sample shades Natural Ivory and Olive Light. The shade Natural Ivory seems to suit my skin, it blends well and I can build it up to however much coverage I desire. The shade Olive Light is honestly a tad too light for my skin, so I’ve been using this as a highlighting concealer and its fantastic. These foundations smell really lovely as well, they really do smell like flowers!

Bottom shade: Natural Ivory; Top shade: Olive Light


Powder Foundation ($59.95 AUD)

Zuii’s Organic Flora Powder Foundation gives a natural look providing full coverage. It contains floral powders produced from Certified Organic Rose petals, organic Chamomile flowers and organic Jasmine flowers. The ingredient of rose petals helps provide skin with a natural moisture without clogging pores, helping to calm damaged skin and protect again premature ageing. I’ve noticed that the powder foundation is long lasting, water resistant and delivers a unique, radiant natural youthful finish.

This powder foundation comes in 10 shades. I have sample shade ivory which suits my skin perfectly. I really enjoy this product, its texture is very soft so its lovely to apply to the skin.



Diamond Sparkle Blush ($31.50 AUD)

Zuii’s Organic Sparkle Blush is inspired by diamonds. It contains Certified Organic Rose petals, Jasmine buds and Chamomile flowers which helps to soothe and nourish the skin. It’s simply gorgeous.

This particular product comes in 6 shades. I have sample shade Raspberry because I love my pinks. It is stunning and provides just the right amount of sparkle.


Zuii’s Flora Sheerlips Lipstick gives a sheer rich flush of colour to your lips. Offering an enriched blend of essential oils and extracts to deliver maximum colour performance. Ingredients include Jojoba*, Sunflower and Aloe Vera to soothe, protect and moisturise lips.
These lipsticks come in 18 shades. I have sample shades Fig; a purple colour and Azalea; a pink colour. It feels lightweight on my lips and I’ve noticed they give a gorgeous natural look, which I really like.
Bottom shade: Fig; Top shade: Azalea
Eyeshadow ($21.75 AUD)
Zuii’s Eyeshadows provide subtle and sophisticated eyeshadows of vibrant and pigmented colours. They are talc free containing Organic Floral blends of Rose, Chamomile and Jasmine powders. These natural vitamins and minerals help to soothe and nourish eyelids.
These particular eyeshadows comes in 30 shades. I have sample shade Blue Suede and Blossom. They have great pigmentation, are easy to apply and last all day. Have a look at the picture below to see how stunningly luminous these eye shades are, I adore them.
Bottom shade: Blossom; Top shade: Blue Suede
To sum up this blog: If you do prefer organic, vegan products, check out this makeup company. It’s an Australian brand! 🙂
Thanks so much for reading!
Gem x
*Calendula is a Mediterranean plant 
*Jojoba is an oil extracted from the seeds

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