Rimmel The Only 1


I was very excited to receive Rimmel’s new lipsticks in the mail. I’m a big fan of Rimmel as their products are of great quality with affordable prices.

Their website states: ‘A no compromise ALL IN ONE lipstick. The perfect balance of high impact colour, moisture, all day comfort and staying power.’ The lipstick shape is like a slanted bullet and its packaging is different to their usual lipstick packaging as you will see in the pictures below. Nevertheless, the packaging intrigued me at first glance.

For application, these lipsticks feel moisturising and soft. Although, I’ve noticed after quite sometime after I’ve applied, it dries and provides a lovely matte finish. The colour ranges are predominantly pink and red tones. Even the nude tones in this range have a slight pink tone to them. So for people who prefer neutral, nude tones- these may not be for you. Check out Rimme’s Nude Collection instead 😉   But if you love your pinks and reds, the Only 1 Range is absolutely for you! ❤

Where to purchase: Priceline, Coles, Target, Big W, Woolworths
Price: $15.95 AUD*
Shades from left to right: 700, 200, 510, 120, 110, 600
Swatches from bottom to top: 700, 200, 510, 120, 110, 600


The only 1 Lipstick range have 12 available shades. They have a really lovely scent to them.

I have 6 shades which are:

  • 110- Pink A Punch

shade 110


  • 120- You’re All Mine (This shade has to probably be my favourite shade to wear!)

shade 120


  • 200- It’s A Keeper

shade 200


  • 510- Best of the Best (Classic Red)

shade 510


  • 600- Peachy Beachy (Unfortunately, this shade washes me out and doesn’t suit me best)

shade 600


  • 700- Naughty Nude

shade 700


Hope this blog has helped you to see what lipstick colours you may like 🙂

Until next time 😉



*Click on link to go directly to Rimmel website 😉


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