Arbonne Single Eyeshadows

I thought for this blog I would discuss my Arbonne Eyeshadow collection. Their eyeshadows are richly pigmented colour blends with a botanically infused formula. Additionally, they are soft and super easy to apply. Just simply glide them on! I’ve worn these eyeshadows many times and they truly stay on well throughout the day. Lately I’ve been using these eyeshadows almost everyday, and if you have ever used them before you can understand why I’m in love with them so much. Nothing is better knowing you are applying eye cosmetics that are truly pure, safe and beneficial.

Price: $27AUD
Ingredients of Arbonne eyeshadows include:
  • Polypeptides: skin-conditioning amino acids
  • Mallow extract: conditions skin
  • Cucumber extract: hydrates to soothe and comfort skin
  • Buddleja davidii extract: acts as a skin-conditioning agent and contains antioxidant properties
  • Marrubium vulgare extract: conditions and soothes skin
  • Thyme extract: acts as a skin-conditioning agent providing moisture to keep skin looking healthy, radiant and youthful
There are 20 shades available within this range, consisting of beautiful colours for day and night looks. I have 6 shades which are:
  • Linen – Shimmer shade. This shade is great to use as your base shade or to highlight brow bones.
  • Petal – Soft pink and provides a neutral, matte look
  • Lilac – Shimmer shade
  • Blue Slate – This colour is stunning! I’ve recently enjoyed wearing blue eye shades. If you have brown eyes (like I do) accentuate them with a deep blue shade.
  • Smoke – Shimmer shade. This shade helps to achieve that perfect smokey eye look.
  • Java – Soft brown and is great shade to use in the crease to blend with other shadows. Unfortunately this eyeshadow of mine is slightly broken, I accidentally dropped it 😦


Swatches; bottom to top: Linen, Petal, Lilac, Blue Slate, Smoke & Java
Complimentary products for the eyeshadows, which I highly recommend are:
  • Arbonne’s It’s A Long Story Mascara ($46 AUD) My favourite mascara!
  • Liquid Liner or Eyeliner, which come in a few different shades ($33 AUD)
What shade colours do you enjoy using the most, and what eye looks do you enjoy creating? Please comment away! 🙂
I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and keep in touch soon!
Gem ❤

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