A few of my favourite things: Milani


Milani has to be my favourite drugstore brand. Who else loves Milani? I adore the products from their packaging, creative designs and incredible variety of cosmetics for such an affordable price. Their website states: ‘A global brand, Milani is a multicultural collection that creates wearable colors for all ethnicities. Embraced by real women worldwide for its highly artistic, yet easily wearable products that speak to women’s fashion sense as much as their common sense.’ I completely agree with their statement. The intricate designs of their cosmetics are gorgeous and their ranges consist of wonderful colours suitable for all skin types. 

Where to purchase: For their direct website just click here or Crush Cosmetics by clicking here


The recent Milani products I kindly received are:


Brow Kit

Price: $14.95 AUD

This all-in-one kit features seven grooming goodies which are tweezers, brush, tone-on-tone powders and a 3x magnifying mirror. It’s a convenient sized product to take anywhere with you, I think its perfect for travel! I acquire the perfect brow with this kit. I’m enjoying this product, it’s very cute!


Best steps to follow on using this kit are as follows:

Firstly, tweeze any excess hairs from brows with mini tweezers and make sure to tweeze in direction of hair growth. Afterwards, apply highlight powder to brow bone with sponge brush applicator to define arches and enhance brow bone. Make sure that you blend outwards and upwards. Lastly, apply brow powder shades with slanted brush applicator in the direction of hair growth to fill and to shape perfect looking brows. This kit truly provides a natural, soft blend.


Shades available are:

  • 01 Light (For light to brown hair)*
  • 02 Medium (For medium to dark brown hair)
  • 03 Dark (For dark brown to black hair)

I have shades 01 and 02.

Rose Blushes

Price: $17.95 AUD

This blush helps to contours and highlight your face as a main ingredient is Mica, so these blushes help provide a lovely natural luminous glow. As you can see in my images, Milani’s Rose Blushes are petal shaped, they are so pretty I just want to stare at them all day!  And… because the flower is so beautifully designed I’m scared to ruin them. I find these blushes blend very well and have great pigmentation, as I literally need to only swipe this blush once with my blush brush! You don’t need much at all ladies, remember that less is more when you apply blush 😉 I’ve worn these blushes all day and have noticed that the colour remains on well during the day.


There are 8 available shades in Milani’s Rose Blushes, which are:

  • 01 Romantic Rose
  • 02 Flora Passion (Coral Pink)
  • 03 Warm Petals  (Shimmering Bronze)
  • 04 Bella Rosa (True Pink)
  • 05 Coral Cove (Bright Coral)
  • 06 Lady Rouge (Hot Red)
  • 07 Love Potion (Dark Rose)
  • 08 Tea Rose (Light Dusty Rose)


I have shades 06 and 07


Bottom swatch: Love Potion ; Top swatch: Lady Rouge


I really hope you all enjoyed reading this blog and I believe you should all try out at least 1 product of Milani’s. I promise you that you will NOT be disappointed 😉

Keep positive

Gem ❤

*Since I lighten my hair now, I’ve been using this shade



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