Boe Beauty

How many of you have heard of Boe Beauty? If you haven’t, go into Big W as its only available there, with each lovely product costing only $2 each. What a bargain! Boe Beauty have a versatile range and for this blog I’m going to swatch and review some of their lip and eye products 🙂
Lipstick shades I received were:
  • ‘Paige’ (#53) Peach Nude
  • ‘Date Night’ (#241) Brown Nude
  • ‘V.I.P’ (#52) Blue-toned Baby Pink
  • ‘Flutter Matte’ (#166)  Pinky/coral shade
I really didn’t know what to expect from $2 lipsticks, what a silly judgement I made! As you will see in the swatches, these lipsticks are of great pigmentation. The packaging is ok, but hey, lets not complain since these lipsticks are only $2!
Velvet Matte Lips
I have shade ‘Paparazzi.’ (#294) This shade is hot pink, it truly is a vibrant colour! Just be careful when applying it as a small bit goes a long way! It is highly pigmented and dries almost instantly.
Roll On Shimmer 
I’ve been enjoying using this product to achieve sparkly, shimmering eyes. Nevertheless, apply it wherever you want on your face I say! Boe Beauty’s Roll On Shimmer has a ball for application, so it glides on easily and you can blend with your fingers as well. It really is quick and easy to use if you don’t feel like taking the time to delicately apply eyeshadow. This product is of great pigmentation and provides a gorgeous sparkle.
I have shades 268- a golden sparkle, and 269- a bronze sparkle.
I’ve got to say, I’m really impressed with their products. Also, if you are interested in Boe Beauty, they have another range called Boe Professional.* Keep your eyes peeled as I may in the future review Boe Professional products.
Ciao for now!
Beautygemm ❤
*Check out Boe Professionals website by clicking on the link

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