New Arbonne Eye Products

Arbonne have released new eye products including brows finally, yay! So I purchased them and here are my thoughts for you all to read 🙂


Primer & Proper Eye Makeup Primer ($40 AUD)

This product only comes in one shade, a nude creamy colour. It assists in preventing eyeshadow from creasing or from fading too quickly throughout the day. It also enables your shadow colours to be more visible. I’ve really been enjoying this product, it reminds me quite a bit of Urban Decay’s eyeshadow primer in Eden.

It contains Jambu Flower* which helps to diminish the appearance of wrinkles and smooth the canvas for crease-free wear. Just only use a small amount and apply in the centre of your eye lid and then pat into your entire eyelid with your fingertips. You can use it alone, but I think it’s best to use with eyeshadows. If you’ve never used an eye makeup primer before, I recommend you give this gorgeous one a try, especially since the ingredients are botanically based.


It’s A Fine Line Liquid Eye Liner ($39 AUD)

There are two shades available in Arbonne’s Liquid Liner, which are: Eclipse (Black) and Arbor (Brown)

I have shade Eclipse. I wasn’t a big fan of their original liquid eye liner, because it was much thicker and I found it difficult to apply neatly and create the shape I desired. Their new felt tip brush is much thinner and simple to apply, especially if I am wanting to create a cat-eye look. Also, the packaging design is much more longer and convenient. You will NOT be disappointed!



Shape It Up Brow Pencil ($46 AUD)

This comes in 3 shades which are light, medium and dark. Shade medium works best for me, because I lighten my hair now and the darkest shade is too harsh.

Ingredients of the brow pencil contains Larch* and Green Tea to help brows look fuller. What I love about this product is that the brow pencil is retractable and includes a brow brush. It’s great because you don’t have to sharpen it and make any mess.


Shape It Up Tinted Brow Cream ($46 AUD)

The brow cream comes in shades light/medium and medium/dark. I use shade light/medium. It also contains larch and green tea to help your brows look fuller. Ensure you don’t over apply this product to your brows as it could easily look unnatural. Use light upward strokes and always start from the inner corner of your brows to the outer. As you can see from the picture provided below, the brush is of a good size and is specially designed to help ensure controlled application. I’ve never used a product like this before, so at the moment I am finding it difficult to apply to my brows neatly. I think it may need some time for this new product to grow on me.



If your are unsure of which particular brow product would work best for you, I found useful information from Arbonne’s website to help determine this for you: ‘A tinted brow cream works better for those who already have thicker brows but want them to stand out more or have a more tailored look. The cream sticks to the brow hair to enhance it. A brow pencil is better for those who have thinner brows or less brow hair. You can use it to lengthen or grow the shape of your brows. You can use both products together for a seriously dramatic, fuller brow look, first using the pencil to shape and then filling in with the brow cream.’


AND there you go! Arbonne’s new eye products.


Beautygemm ❤



*Jambu Flower: A flowering herb in the family Asteraceae. It is grown as an ornamental and it is used as a medicinal remedy in various parts of the world.

Larch: a coniferous tree with bunches of deciduous green needles, found in cool regions on the Northern Hemisphere. Larch is a wood valued for its tough, waterproof and durable qualities.




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