Polka Beauty

Ciao Bellas!


I’d recently heard of the lovely company Polka Beauty through Instagram. They started following me, and I checked out their Instagram page and knew I had to get into contact with them. Polka Beauty is an Indonesian company. I’ve only recently started using lip lacquers and have completely fallen head over heels for them! I’m so happy I discovered Polka Beauty ❤


First Impression: For me, Polka’s lip lacquers glide on stunningly, dry instantly and provide a soft-polished, matte colour. Just beautiful! It’s comfortable to wear as I don’t feel self conscious because I don’t have to worry about my lips smudging. They stay on power in incredible! They are highly pigmented, smooth and creamy. I thoroughly enjoy applying to my lips, it feels so nice to apply.

NOTE: A little bit goes a long way. So take your time applying with extra precision.

Their packaging is super cute, the shade colours are visible to see and contain a built-in lip brush.


Where to purchase: Find their website right here and are $23.50 AUD each to purchase


Polka Matteness Lip Lacquer range consists of 4 shades which are:

Get in the Swing






Jingle Giggle









Bottom to Top: Maracass, Jingle Giggle, Tambourine and Get in the Swing


Isn’t it lovely what their website says: ‘We strive to help you express your beauty in every day life, to be brave, to be optimistic, and to proudly let your uniqueness shine through.’ This is what we should be promoting to young girls out there! Be nothing but your unique self girls! Makeup truly helps me to freely express how I feel.

I recommend lip lacquers to you all, and to check out Polka Beauty. What have you go to lose? 😉


Beautygemm ❤




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