Recent Mecca Purchase

Before I begin, I just wanted to share a quick thought with you all! I love sharing positive quotes, as unfortunately there are haters out there. Here’s my quote of the day: ‘Before you assume, learn the facts. Before you judge, understand why. Before you hurt someone, feel. Before you speak, think.’


I have a bad habit of walking into any makeup store, saying to myself ‘just have a look, don’t buy anything’ and of course I end up buying something. Who else does this? I love Mecca! They have awesome makeup brands that I love such as Hourglass, Nars, Stila, Too Faced, Urban Decay, Smashbox and many many more! 😀

Brands I’m going to be discussing in this blog are (drumroll) Hourglass, Nars and Stila. So let’s get stuck in!


Hourglass ‘Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder’ ($57 AUD)

This range is brand new and comes in 4 different shades. I have shade Brilliant which is a shimmering gold powder for a lustrous highlight. It gives a soft, warm ethereal glow and helps to highlight my natural features. It’s not highly pigmented like theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer. So if you are looking for softer, natural highlight – this brand is your choice!

Made of reflective micro pearl particles, Hourglass has provided a sheer powder that works to diffuse and soften the reflection of natural light on the skin to create depth and dimension.

To use, apply on the top of your cheek bones, bridge of nose, cupids bow and middle of forehead. I love to use my Real Techniques Setting Brush to do this. Also, you can actually dampen your brush to create a more intense look if you wish.


Nars ‘Radiant Creamy Concealer’ ($43 AUD)

Coming in 10 shades, this concealer helps to diminish fine lines and signs of fatigue. It creates a softer, smoother looking complexion. I have shade Vanilla which has a tiny cast of pink for the fair complexion.

I know it’s not cheap, but honestly it’s worth it if you want an all day, long lasting concealer. A small amount goes such a long way!  I love using it under my eyes and blend it in using my fingers. It dries to a matte finish and brightens my face amazingly! The packaging is really sweet as well.


Stila ‘One Step Correct’ ($54 AUD)

I was actually given a sample of this as I was recommended to try this particular product. This is a all in one colour correcting serum that helps to brighten the skin. It’s great to use as a primer.

As you can see in the image provided below. There are 3 different tones within this serum. The green tone counteracts redness and conceals blemishes, the lavender tone counteracts sallow undertones and the peach tone reduces the appearance of dark spots.

Overall, I find it moisturises my skin well before I apply my foundation.



Have any of you tried these products out before? If so, please let me know your thoughts! 🙂

Enjoy your week and talk soon

Beautygemm ❤


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