Dusty Girls

Ciao Bella’s!

Many girls suffer from sensitive skin or enjoy using earth friendly products. For any of you out there who fall into these two categories, I recommend for you all to check out Dusty Girls Makeup! I’ve only recently heard of this company. Dusty Girls uses natural clays and minerals of the earth to create a healthy, natural range of makeup. They are an Australian makeup brand farmed by Moo Goo Skincare. Their products contain NO bad chemicals and are never tested on animals.  The packaging is made from recyclable cardboard. I seriously love their packaging, it’s beyond adorable!


So lets begin discussing some of their products 🙂


Natural Mineral Bronzer ($25 AUD)

There is only 1 shade available called ‘Sunshine.’ This bronzer is highly pigmented and has warm golden tones. Ensure to blend throughly, because when you apply this bronzer to your face, it is very pigmented. When using any bronzer apply to the hollows of cheekbones, hairline, jawline and sides of nose. Ingredients include Macadamia oil*, Jojoba oil* and natural Vitamin E.


Natural Mineral Blush ($25 AUD)

This blush comes in 2 shades called ‘Pink Ladies’ and ‘Golden Delicious.’ I have shade Pink Ladies which is a soft, flush of pink. There is a subtle shimmer in this blush and provides a soft, pretty pink glow to my face. It also contains Macadamia oil, Jojoba oil and natural Vitamin E.


Natural Tinted Earth Cream ($18.50 AUD)

Dusty Girls Earth Cream comes in 2 shades ‘Light’ and ‘Medium.’ I have shade Light which suits my skin the best. It is silicone and fragrance free, providing a natural looking coverage and gives my complexion a dewy appearance. I find that a small amount goes a long way, and make sure to blend very well! Ingredients include Nigella Sativa Oil and Manuka Tree Lead Oil that helps to soothe and repair the skin.


Natural Mineral Shimmer Lip Gloss ($14.50 AUD)

There are 2 shades available called ‘Sun Shower’ and ‘Pacific Ocean Shimmer.’ I have shade Pacific Ocean Shimmer providing a lovely shiny pout and contains moisturising oils to hydrate and soften the lips. Ingredients include Mica, Shea Butter and Watermelon Seed Oil.


It’s always comforting to know you are wearing makeup that is doing nothing harmful to your skin, Dusty Girls Makeup is all the above!


Beautygemm ❤



*Macadamia Oil: a native, Australian nut. It helps to keep the skin moisturised

*Jojoba Oil: a shrub that helps the skin glow


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