Bloggers United Event: Bitchinskin

I had an incredible time at the Bloggers United event, met amazing people and companies. I felt very spoilt by the amount of goodies I received and I have so much to discuss for you all, and for you to discover some new companies if you haven’t heard of them yet.

Also, don’t forget to check out my first YouTube Vlog about Good Green Box which you can find here 😉

So this blog is about a new company I heard of at the event which is called Bitchinskin, an Australian owned vegan body scrub. The intentions of this body scrub is to brighten, detox and tone.

Price: $14.95 AUD for 200g and free shipping in Australia.

Where to purchase: Their website, click here

First Impression: I’m in love! It isn’t too gritty, I’m not a big fan of super gritty exfoliators so this one works great for me. You can use this scrub either in the shower or the bath. I use in the shower scrubbing my body and face, leaving it on for approximately 5-10 minutes and then wash if off. It leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed.


It has such an incredible texture!



  • Sea Salt: works as a natural antiseptic to buff away dead skin cells and draw out impurities
  • Cane Sugar: gentle and even exfoliation to polish the skin, full of AHA’s* to repair skin texture and improve elasticity
  • Virgin Coconut oil: rehydrates skin
  • Natural Vitamin E: helps to prevent skin cell damage and boost collagen production
  • Grape Seed Oil: soothes, tightens and tones skin
  • Peppermint Oil: helps to clear complexion, unclog pores, reduce irritation and target muscle pain
  • Matcha*: helps with skin irritation, acne, eczema, psoriasis and restores collagen production


Give this awesome Matcha Body Scrub a chance 😉


Beautygemm ❤



*AHA: Alpha-hydroxy acid

*Matcha: 100% pure green tea leaves



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