Ciao Bella’s!

How are you? I thought I would share a positive quote for today: ‘One kind word can change someone’s entire day.’

For this blog I’m discussing another astounding company I discovered at the Bloggers United Event named Julisa, a nail polish brand. Their ambition states on their website ‘be kind to your nails, be kind to your body and be kind to the earth.’

Julisa’s nail polish is made on the Gold Coast. They are vegan friendly and cruelty free, with a captivating range of colours to choose from. Also, as you can see in the image, a lovely drawstring bag is provided with your purchase. These drawstring bags are reusable as they are made with ec0-friendly materials. (And yes, there is a pretty mermaid on these bags) 

What makes Julisa unique? Well…. their nail polish is 5-free. What does this mean? Well…. their nail polish does not include 5 particular ingredients that are commonly found in various nail polish formulas that are actually very detrimental to our bodies!

These ingredients include:

Dibutyl Phthalate: a common plasticizer linked to cancer and connected to birth defects

Formaldehyde: a flammable chemical and is a human carcinogen

Toluene: a liquid that is added to gasoline. It can cause birth defects and linked to developmental problems in children of pregnant women. It can also cause fatigue and headaches.

Formaldehyde Resin: a synthetic substance which is a possible allergen

Camphor: if used in large doses, this chemical can cause seizures, disorientation, lethargy and muscles spasms

Scary stuff hey! Luckily, Julisa does NOT contain these particular ingredients.

The shade I chose is Rose Meringues ($18.95 AUD including GST)

This shade is a warm rose gold with a soft gold shimmer and gives a pearly finish. It’s a lovely soft, natural shade to wear. I chose this colour because I’ve never worn a golden tone before and thought I should start! And it’s really gorgeous. Have a look at their website julisa.co to find a colour suitable for you 😉

NOTE: There is free shipping on orders over $20


It’s wonderful to know there are caring beauty companies out there to protect our health and well-being. I can be confident to state that Julisa is one of these companies helping us keep alert and to avoid certain chemicals that can risk the harmony of our bodies!


Talk soon

Beautygemm ❤



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