Maybelline Drama

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to the launch of Maybelline’s new product releases. I had the most incredible time and met so many wonderful people. Check out my Instagram @beautygemm for all the pictures ūüėČ

There will be quite a few blogs to come discussing Maybelline! I love how Maybelline how changed their slogan to ‘Make It Happen’ it provides encouragement to work hard for your goals and knowing if you put your mind to it, you can achieve it.

In particular for this blog, I will be incorporating Maybelline’s new ‘Drama’ range.

Let us begin!


Brow Drama Pomade Crayon

I’ve never used a brow product that is this thick before. I’ve always used thin pencils or a precise brow applicator. So this is very new for me to experiment. In all honesty, I found it just as easy to use as a thinner pencil. It’s application is pigmented whilst¬†sculpting¬†well.

Only advice: one swipe of this crayon transfers such a pigmented colour, so take your time applying! But, with any brow product don’t over do it, less is more I say.

There are 3 shades available which are: Dark Blonde, Medium Brown and Dark Brown. I have been using shade Dark Brown.

How to use: I always start form the inner brow and work my way towards the brow tail. After I have shaped my brows, I then fill them in making them look as natural as possible.

Top: Dark Blonde, Middle: Medium Brown, Bottom: Dark Brown


Lasting Drama Gel Mechanical Liner

This is Maybelline’s very first eye gel formulated in a pencil. It is smudge proof and water proof.¬†The pencil itself is a wind-up which for me is much more convenient and cleaner!

The pigmentation of this liner is super intense. In the picture provided you can see the pigmentation of it! Depending on what look I want to achieve, I apply on my upper and lower waterline or my upper and lower lash line. Use it however you want to.



Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara

I never say this, but, this mascara is the bomb!

The formula of this mascara¬†contains styling wax to help hold dramatic volume. This is Maybelline’s¬†first push up brush with cup shaped bristles to boost and thicken your lashes. I love dramatic eyes and always prefer to give my lashes an intense look.

There are 2 shades available which are Blackest Black and Very Black.


If any of you have tried out these new products yet, please let me know your thoughts!


Speak soon

Beautygemm ‚̧


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