80’s Makeup Look

Hello all!

I thought I would be creative and do something out of my comfort zone. So, this blog is all about a 1980’s makeup look!

Here are the products I used to achieve this out there look! 😛



Face: The 1980’s was all about full coverage with heavy foundation and powder. I used Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Foundation shade ‘Pure Beige‘ as this gives great coverage. I then used Australis Fresh and Flawless Press Powder shade ‘Natural‘ to provide an even heavier foundation look. These together provide a heavier, matte appearance.

Blush: I used an intense colour, Milani Rose Powder Blush in shade ‘Lady Rouge,’ a hot red shade. I applied this blush to the hollows of my cheeks, all the way to my temples. The angular blush look was incredibly popular during the 1980’s.

Eyes: I first used Arbonne eye-shadows. Using shade ‘Linen‘ as the base, shade ‘Petal’ in the crease, shade ‘Blue Slate‘ for my upper brow bone, outer v and inner v. Then, I used shade ‘Lilac‘ on my lid and lower waterline.

Left to right: Linen, Petal, Blue Slate & Lilac

After using these eyeshadows, I then moved onto the MUA Pro Palette in Romantic Efflorescence. I used shade ‘Tempt‘ on the crease and lower brow bone- this is a deep purple tone. Then, shade ‘Corrupt‘ under my eyes- this is a deep green colour. Afterwards shade ‘Fiery‘ on my upper brow bone. This is a gold metallic colour that I used to highlight my brow bones.


Eyeliner: The 1980’s was all about intense pigmented colours so I used Rimmel’s Colour Precise in shade ‘002 Blue.

Mascara: Rimmel Wonder’Full Volume Colourist Mascara.

Brows: Brows in the 1980’s were big and bushy, think Brooke Shields or Madonna! So I brushed my brows upwards, and applied Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in shade ‘Dark Brown‘ to my brows to achieve a thick and heavy brow appearance.


Lips: Bright pink lips is what I decided on. I used Boe Beauty Velvet Matte Lips in shade ‘Paparazzi #294.’


All these products helped to achieve this particular look. What do you think? I want to state to you all as well, I’m not a professional makeup artist, I was just having some fun and experimenting with different products. Why not?

Hope you enjoyed reading and talk soon!

Beautygemm ❤


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