L’Oreal Sculpt

I was very fortunate to be invited to the launch of L’oreals new products. What an incredible time I had discovering these new products and learning new information. And, can I just mention how amazing the food was! I’m Italian, so of course all I ever think about is food, well besides makeup ūüėČ

These are the new releases of L’Oreal sculpting products intended for the face,¬†brows and eyes.


Infallible Sculpt Contouring Palette

This is actually L’Oreals first sculpting palette. As any contouring palette, it comes with a darker and lighter shade. The purpose of the dark shade is to sculpt the face and create shadow. Whilst, the lighter shade intends to highlight and illuminate certain areas of the face.

The packaging design is very modern and this product comes in 2 shades ‘Light‘ and ‘Medium.’¬† You will be able to see in swatches provided below, which shades you would prefer to use. The tones of the light palette seem to be cooler and the tones of the medium palette seem to be warmer. Honestly, it’s personal preference of what tones you want to use for contouring.

I love how this contouring palette is a cream to powder formula. The formula itself is quite easy to apply, it has a soft and velvety texture. Overall, it does provide a matte finish.

The darker shade is quite pigmented, so ensure to blend very well! I find my Boe Professional Contour Blending Brush is perfect to use, it is a flat brush and provides great angles to contour and blend with. Unfortunately, the¬†lighter shade doesn’t really provide as much illumination as I would of liked it to, so I have been placing a highlighting powder over the top.



Brow Artist Sculpt

The design of this brow product is very innovative and definitely¬†has panache to it. It’s a 2 in 1 product and I’ve never used a brow product quite like this before. This brow product of L’Oreal comes with a felt tip and a bristle brush.¬†Their website actually states that the formula of this product is a powder to cream texture.

Within this particular range, there are 2 shades available which are ‘Brunette‘ and ‘Dark Brown.’ I have been using shade Brunette.

So first off, I use the felt tip to help shape and define my brows. Then I use the brush to style and neaten up my brows.


False Lash Wings Sculpt Mascara

The design of this mascara is very interesting. In the image provided below you can see the design of it, I would probably describe it as a comb-like brush. At first I found it difficult to use, but I’m getting the hang of it now. ¬†This is how I use it: First I use the outer bristles to define my¬†lashes and then the inner bristles to provide volume.




It’s always fun trying out new products. So why don’t you try out some products you never have before? Go for it!

Keep smiling! Ciao for now

Beautygemm ‚̧


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  1. I love trying new products

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    1. Beautygemm says:

      Me too! ūüėÄ

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