A few of my favourite things: August

Spring is here and so are my favourites for August! I’ve been experimenting with quite a few different cosmetics lately that I have been loving.

So here are my choices for the month of August:

Blinc Cosmetics Heated Eyelash Curler 

This is actually the first heated eyelash curler I have ever used. It’s so simple and yet so effective for curling my lashes.  After I have used the curler, I then apply mascara and my lashes have incredible volume. The design for this eyelash curler is very well thought through, because it is very easy to use. Also, it’s super convenient to take anywhere with you, just place it in your handbag!

How to use it? I assure you it’s very simple and safe. All you do, is flick the switch upwards and wait for the red indicator to turn yellow and it is ready to use. (Look at images below) Then, I hold the brush on my lashes for approximately 3-5 seconds and use stroke motions similar to how you would use a mascara. You can then use on your lashes however many times you like to achieve your desired lash look. When finished, always ensure to turn the switch off the allow the heat to cool right down.

I actually have a video demonstrating how to use this product. So, just watch it here if you are interested.



Covergirl Full Lash Bloom Mascara

I love how this mascara provides a soft, natural eye appearance. Lately, I have been using this particular mascara for an everyday look. The brush itself is petal shaped and the bristles are tougher than your usual mascara. It separates my lashes nicely and does not leave any clumps. Also, how can you not love the packaging? IT’S PINK! 😀



Oblepikha Siberica Oil Complex 

This oil is for damaged hair as it helps to repair and prevent split ends. Lately I have been suffering from numerous split ends. Probably due to bleaching my hair many times and has caused damage 😦

Ingredients include:

  • Vitamins and amino acids to nourish and repair split ends
  • Altai sea-buckthorn and Moroccon Argan Oilprovides hair strength and shine
  • Nanai Magnolia-Vine, White Siberian Flaxseeds and Pine Nuts help to retain moisture for hair

How do I apply it? As you can see in the image, I squeeze a few drops from the applicator into the palms of my hands and place in my hair ends whilst it’s still damp, just after I have washed my hair 😉 The scent is so lovely too!




Sephora Luster Matte Long-Wear Lip Colour

I love this particular colour I have, which is called shade ‘Petal.’ It provides a satin finish and has a lovely pigmentation. The applicator itself is precise to use. I find that after a few hours of wearing Petal, it doesn’t dry my lips out, rather it feels nourishing and remains on my lips for a great amount of time. There are 12 shades available in this range and sorry to say, but it is only available to purchase in America.



Revlon Photo Ready Skinlights Face Illuminator

This was actually my first highlighter I purchased, and, I’ve forgotten how much I love this highlighter. The formula itself is an illuminating cream and is quite thick, so you only need a small amount. It provides my face with a natural glow and banishes any dullness. When applying I prefer to use my fingers with a dabbing motion. I place it above my cheekbones, above brow bones, bridge of nose and my cupids bow. There are 4 shades available within this range which are: Bare Light, Bronze Light, Peach Light and Pink Light. I have shade ‘Pink Light‘ and it provides a soft pearly pink illumination to my face. I really love this highlighter!



So there you have it! Hope you enjoyed reading this blog. I’d love for you all to comment on what some of your beauty favourites are, let me know!

Beautygemm ❤



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