Rimmel’s Latest Highlights

Ciao bella’s ❤
I always love sharing with you all the latest Rimmel products. And this time, it’s all about illumination! Rimmel truly have some lovely products for such affordable prices.
Illuminators are the best thing since sliced bread. It’s amazing when applying a highlighter and the difference it can make to your face! It gives my skin a glowing radiance and I even look less tired. I can’t get enough!
Sooo the first product is:

Price: $9.95 AUD

I am really loving this product. This is actually my first time trying out a brow highlighter pencil. The purpose of a brow highlighting pencil is to sculpt, lift, brighten and accentuate the eyes.

First Impression: I found it simple and quick to use. The formula is soft, whilst the application is smooth and great to blend. Where do I apply it? Just under my brow line.

There are 2 available shades in the Brow This Way Highlighting Pencil which are ‘Gold Shimmer’ and ‘Pink Matte.’ I have gold shimmer which works great for me. I tend to prefer golden toned highlighters, I’m not a huge fan of pinky toned highlighters because I find they don’t suit my skin tone very well.
And lastly:
Price: $12.95 AUD

This is Rimmel’s very new liquid highlighter. Not only can you apply it on your face, but give it a go on your décolleté.

First Impression: I was actually quite surprised of how pigmented this highlighter is and how lovely it glows. Blends in beautifully and certainly provides a luminous appearance. How to apply? There are numerous ways you can apply, its your choice. Either: wear it alone, blend with your foundation or apply to certain areas on the face. For me I always love to apply to my forehead, cheekbones, bridge of the nose and chin.

There are 2 available shades for Good to Glow which include ‘Notting Hill Glow’ and ‘Soho Glow.’ I have shade ‘Notting Hill Glow’ and this shade has a gold shimmer.

Bottom swatch not blended ; Top swatch blended in


What are your thoughts of these latest highlights?

Beautygemm ❤


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