L’Oreal Infallible Gel Nail Polish

I tried out these gel nail polishes by L’Oreal for the very first time! I was very lucky to receive them at the L’Oreal PR Event earlier this year.

What is it exactly? Basically in short, it’s a 2 in 1 gel nail polish that doesn’t require any UV lamp. The ingredients included that make these polishes long-lasting are: silicone, film-forming polymer, gelifying agents and crystal copolymer. All of these particular ingredients help to bring strength, adhesion and brilliant shine for your nails. Now, how do you remove it? Simply with nail polish remover. It is much more easier and convenient than soak your nails for 20 minutes to remove Shellac Polish. Don’t you all agree?!

Price: $12.95 AUD each

First Impression: I wore these polishes during the winter and for me they dried quicker than any other normal polishes I have used. I was rather astounded at the fact of how quickly it did dry. For the wear I found it extensive and it actually remained chip-free for a good amount of time. For me, it lasted approximately 12 days without any chipping. On their website it claims to last for 14 days. I feel that this statement certainly does live up to its reputation.  When it comes to the packaging, the design is really different. As you can see in the main image, it’s shaped like a stick and you pull it apart. It then becomes 2 and there is the colour coat and a tinted top coat to use. Overall, the pigment is awesome and provides a beautiful finish.

There are 11 shades available within this range of L’Oreal nail polish. I received 3 shades which are:

  • 40 Marshmallow Power
  • 42 Unlimited Lollipink
  • 43 Endless Candy Heart (I think this has to be my favourite colour, a lovely soft lilac shade)


Click here to have a look at the other shades they have available

It’s always exciting to experiment and try different nail polishes. Surprisingly, this is my first time ever wearing L’Oreal nail polish before and in all honesty, I am not disappointed with this particular range.

What are your thoughts?

Beautygemm ❤


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