So…? What’s your attitude?

So…? is an awesome range of fragrances to choose from with intriguing names based on what type of mood you are in. There are a lot of fragrances to choose from depending what type of scent you are wanting.

I have two fragrances from this range which are:

So… ? Sinful

  • Top notes are mint and pineapple
  • Heart notes are violet and strawberry
  • Base notes are vanilla, praline and musk

For me, the musk is very notable. I find it to be a soft musky scent that would be lovely to use as a winter perfume. It also comes with a body fragrance as you can see in the image provided below.


So…? Kiss Me 

  • Top notes are blackcurrant, pineapple and citron
  • Heart notes are muguet and freesia
  • Base notes are musk and vanilla

I find this fragrance much gentler, it’s more of a sweet, fruity scent. I would describe this one as fun and feminine, great for the summer!



Personally, I definitely believe these perfumes are more suitable for teenagers and young women. Nevertheless, that is just my opinion. When it comes to the packaging and design of the perfume bottle, they are both similar. The only differences is as you can see in the images is the colouring. The lid of So…? Sinful is purple and for So…? Kiss me it is a reddish pink colour and also the lid is half-sphere shaped. (That’s the best way I could think to describe it!) The bottle itself is long and lean.

The only downfall I have found with these perfumes is that unfortunately the lasting power wasn’t as great as I thought it would be. But then again, the prices of these perfumes are so incredibly affordable, I should not complain!

Beautygemm ❤


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