Milani Face Products

Yes, yet again we are on to the subject of my favourite drugstore brand, the one and only… MILANI! Words can never describe how much I adore this brand, everything about their products is bellissimo! Who else loves Milani?

The products that I will be discussing in this blog are primarily face products. I will now begin!


Prime Perfection Hydrating and Pore Minimising Face Primer ($19.95 AUD)

There are numerous benefits provided by Milani’s latest primer. It intends to minimise the appearance of pores, reduce appearance of fine lines, maintain skin moisture balance and to provide a soft illuminating finish.

The formula of this primer feels creamy but not overly thick. Also, instead of a transparent colour, this primer is white. It’s does not have a velvety silicone feeling to it, instead it feels like a moisturiser. I recommend to apply before any foundation. I’ve noticed after I have applied this primer, it has a cool minty feeling to it. In terms of packaging, it is a squeezable, sleek white tube. Finally, with the longevity it helps my foundation last on most of the day.



The Multi-Tasker Face Powder ($13.95 AUD)

So this particular product is a matte, oil-free powder. It actually has many purposes which you can decide how you want to use. It is a foundation, a setting powder, a makeup retoucher to use throughout the day, a highlighter and bronzer. When using it as a highlighter or bronzer, it absolutely depends what shade colour you are using and which colours would suit your skin tone best 😉

There are 6 shades available in this product which are:

  • 02 Light Medium (Medium Light skin-tone with neutral or yellow undertones)
  • 03 Medium (Medium skin-tone with neutral undertone)
  • 04 Light Tan (Medium/Deep skin-tone with olive undertone)
  • 05 Tan (Medium Deep skin-tone with neutral or pink undertones)
  • 06 Medium Tan (Deep skin-tone with golden or olive undertones)
  • 07 Dark Tan (Light brown skin-tone with golden undertone)

I have shade ’04 light tan.’ The powder feels quite silky and trust me, it’s very easy to blend. Pigmentation wise, it is lightweight and slightly transparent. Although it has enough colour to provide enough coverage. I would describe the coverage as sheer. Now when it comes to the packaging, there is a mirror and a very cute glide puff that you use to apply the product on your face.

Look at the intricate detailing of this powder, isn’t it amazingly stunning?!

Prep + Set + G0 Transparent Face Powder ($19.95 AUD)

A transparent, mattifying powder that I love to apply after I have used an under eye concealer to ensure it’s well set for the entire day. For application, I personally prefer to use a powder brush. It is available in only 1 shade that is suitable for all skin types. So, you can either wear under your foundation to prep your skin, or, over your foundation to lock it in.


Illuminating Face Powder ($17.95 AUD)

This is a multi-coloured and multi-purposed powder which can be used as a blush, bronzer or highlighter.

It comes in 3 shades which are:

  • 01 Amber Nectar (Natural Coral Sheen)
  • 02 Hermosa Rose (Natural Tan Sheen)
  • 03 Beauty’s Touch (Light Pink Sheen)

I have shade ’03 Beauty’s Touch’. Personally, I really enjoy using this powder as a blush. Just look at the beautiful intricate detailing of this product, the roses are stunning! This product is so pretty and I’m always too hesitant to touch it, because I don’t want to ruin it!



What do you all think of these products? Stay tuned for my next blog.. Until then 😉

Beautygemm ❤


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