If you have not heard of Weleda, now is your chance to discover their organic, wild-crafted and biodynamic products. Discovered in 1920, Weleda provides an abundant range of products depending on your needs. I will mention now that absolutely none of their products are tested on animals, and are also free from any parabens, artificial preservatives, colours and fragrances.

I actually received two Weleda products when I attended the wonderful Bloggers United Event earlier on this year. Such a great event and even greater to discover more astounding beauty companies.

Here are the two skincare products of Weleda I received:

Evening Primrose Age Revitalising Hand Cream (50ml $17.95 AUD)

Containing primrose oil, this particular hand cream helps to smooth rough skin. Other ingredients include; macadamia nut oil improving skin hydration and centella asiatica for a natural collagen boost.

What exactly is evening primrose? Well, it originates from North America and was actually used as a nutritional and medicinal plant by the American Indians. Interesting fun fact! 🙂

The texture of the formula is very soft, actually rather lightweight and has a white appearance. My hands feel amazingly soft after I have applied and I use every night before I go to sleep. Only a small amount is required as well, and make sure to keep rubbing your hands until it has fully absorbed.


Skin Food (30ml: $14.95 AUD, 75ml: $21.95 AUD)

This product has actually been in use since 1926 and you can use Weleda’s Skin Food anywhere on your body. The formula is immensely rich helping to thoroughly hydrate the skin. I find that it doesn’t completely absorb, a light feeling of moisture remains wherever I place on my skin. The texture is very thick and rich, and has a darker appearance, a dark yellow I would describe the colour as. I find it incredible to use on my elbows, knees, hands and feet!

Main ingredients of this product include chamomile, calendula and wild pansy to help rough skin. Rosemary is included to brighten the skins complexion. Then sunflower, lanolin and sweet almond oils are also included to protect the surface of the skin. To add a beautiful subtle fragrance, sweet orange and lavandulae pure essentials oils give the final touch.

What is pansy? It’s actually a European herb that helps to soothe and heal, known to help heal eczema and acne.


If you are interested in any products regarding face, body, hair and even medicines! Weleda is certainly a company not to ignore. Have a look at their website and you will see the endless variety of their products 😉


Beautygemm ❤


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