Revlon Eyes

If I’m being honest, I haven’t written many blogs regarding Revlon, and I have no idea why. I should definitely increase my Revlon collection! But finally, here is a Revlon blog for you all which will be all about the eyes. Revlon’s pricing is reasonable, I would say that their range is probably one of the most expensive drugstore range of cosmetics.

Revlon have a brand new Mascara collection created for difference eye looks. There are 5 mascaras available in this new collection and each lid tips have different colours which are:

  • Red – Ultimate mascara which is an all in one
  • Pink – UItra volume mascara
  • Green – Super length mascara
  • Blue – Magnified volume and length mascara
  • Purple – Dramatic definition mascara

It’s up to you which eye look you want to achieve. So I have two of these mascaras which are the Pink and Green ones and I will discuss these in more detail.


Ultra Volume Mascara ($21.95 AUD)

The intentions of this mascara is to condition and add volume to your lashes. The bristles of this brush are short and long designed to help comb every lash. There are actually triple grooves to achieve maximum lash volume.


Super Length Mascara ($21.95 AUD)

Now this mascara is buildable and helps to provide an extended lash look. The bristles are all long to achieve beautiful long lashes. Also, the tip is tapered to even give your smallest lashes the greatest length.


What I love so much about both of these mascaras is neither of them smudge nor clump. They truly are the best, I have been using both of these on a daily basis for work. I actually have nothing negative to say about these mascaras, and that’s the honest truth!


Last product I am discussing of Revlon for this blog is:

Photo Ready Eye Art ‘Lid + Line + Lash’ ($21.95 AUD)

There are 10 shades available and I have shade ‘Fuchsia Flash’. So it is a 2 in 1 product, one end has an intensely pigmented cream shadow and the other end has a very sparkly liquid shadow. Actually, I would describe it more of a liquid liner.

When applying the colour shadow, it feels very smooth! And it’s pigmentation is super intense. Lasting power is surprisingly all day, amazing! You can use these cream shadows however you like and that’s the beauty of this product, it’s more of a ‘use it to your very own imagination’ type of product. (If that makes sense to you all, hopefully it does) Personally for me, I do tend to lean further toward powder eyeshadows, but it’s always fun to try new products and experiment.


Have you tried out any of Revlon’s latest products? If so, tell me your thoughts please. I would love to know.

Beautygemm ❤


Reminder: To view images bigger, just click on them 😉


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