Maybelline Master

Maybe it’s Maybelline? Not any more, it is now Make It Happen!  Here is my review of two products which are from their Master range.


Master Contour Palette ($19.95 AUD)

A 3 in 1 palette which includes a contouring powder, blush and gold shimmer highlighter. It comes in shade light/medium, medium/deep. This palette includes a small angled brush which I found easy to use for highlighting, but not for contouring.

Contour: The contour shade is very warm and didn’t seem to suit my skin tone unfortunately, but that doesn’t mean it won’t suit you 🙂 Contouring is intended to use for cheekbones, jawline, hairline and sides of nose.

Blush: The blush is a very soft matte pink, and I found it difficult to apply and for it to be visible on my skin. I am one of those girls who prefers a super-pigmented visible blush. But if you prefer a soft natural blush, this would be for you. Just apply any blush to the apples of cheeks.

Highlight: I loved the highlighter! It has a gorgeous golden shimmer (which I love) to it and blended well. Where do I use a highlighter? Just above my cheekbones, bridge of nose, brow bones and cupids bow.

The shade I have is medium/deep. I was rather disappoined with the colour payoff of the contour and blush shade because they didn’t really transfer well onto my skin. But, I really loved the highlighter. If only you could purchase the highlighting shade separately!

If you want to see a comparison of another contouring palette from IT Cosmetics, just click here.

You will see in the image that each pan is labelled as contour, blush and highlight. Also, the swatch images above, I swiped many times of the blush and contour. 


Master Fix Setting Spray ($15.95 AUD)

This is actually Maybelline’s first translucent mist which helps toextend your makeup wear for the day.

How to use: Make sure to shake well, hold around 30cm away from face, close eyes and spritz around 4-6 times.  Don’t spray too much or else it can appear cakey.

My verdict: It held my makeup in place well for several hours. It especially helped to control shine as my skin tends to go oily during the day with makeup on. Not sticky or shiny and is definitely a great drugstore alternative that is affordable to purchase. I highly recommend this product!



Overall, the setting spray is the winner for me. But as I always say, if something didn’t work so great for me, doesn’t mean the product is terrible. Every product in this world cannot accustom to your needs, but it may for someone else. With that being said, I hope you enjoyed reading my review, until then….

I’m going to give you a challenge, next time you are out in public, pay a compliment to someone or just smile, it can truly turn someone’s day around into positive thinking.

Beautygemm ❤


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  1. I’ve been really curious about the spray, so its good to hear you had good results with it x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Beautygemm says:

      Definitely a great spray that is affordable and that actually sets your makeup for all day 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

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