Australis TAN

I love Australian makeup companies. And what better company to discuss than Australis! You can purchase any Australis products at your nearest Priceline. What I love about this company is their products are of lovely quality for such affordable prices, women at any age can use their awesome products. Additionally, Australis does not test on animals and vegan friendly.

For this blog, let’s talk about their latest range of tanning products. Each tanning product has a certain base to suit your skin tone, the are: Ash Base (cool skin tone) and Violet Base (warm skin tone) and Green Base (neutral skin tone).  So just ensure to pick the right match for your skin tone.


Self Tan Mousse ($19.99 AUD)

This tanning mousse is ‘Green Base’ which is suitable for all skin tones. It does dry extremely quick I noticed, so apply thoroughly as you go, or else it won’t be even on your skin. I’ve provided a picture of what the product looks like as soon as you pump it out of the bottle. It can tan your skin instantly so like I said, apply and blend in as quickly as possible. Keep this product on your body for a couple of hours and then shower with warm water, but don’t use any soaps or scrubs. Your skin will have a light colour and will continue to develop over 6-8 hours.


Self Tan Oil ($19.99 AUD)

This tan oil is ‘Violet Base’ which is more suitable for olive skin. It contains Argan Oil to keep your skin moisturised and develops over 2-3 hours. To use, make sure that you shade the bottle before use, spray over body and then rub in evenly. You will see in the image below how the product applies onto the body after spraying. For this product, you don’t need to shower after use.

NOTE: Make sure before applying any tan product to exfoliate your skin, best to do the day before. ALWAYS wash your hands after using any tanning products. Don’t over apply on your elbows, knees and ankles.


Strobe Cream Body Illuminator ($19.99 AUD)

From this range this has to be my most favourite, I’m rather obsessed with it actually. It is an amazingly pigmented illuminator for the body! Well technically, it is a body lotion with a hint of illumination. It has a beautiful golden tone to it with light reflecting particles to provide a stunning, radiant glow. You can use this also on the face, but I enjoy using this one on collar bone, arms and my legs. It does dry quickly which is great! You can use it on the go if you are going out for the night.


There you go! Australis have released a great variation of products lately. What are your thoughts of tanning products? Are you a fan or not?

Talk soon

Beautygemm ❤


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