Nyx Prismatic Shadows

Yet again, Nyx is on my mind…. If you’re a big fan of glistening, intensely pigmented shadows; Nyx Prismatic Shadows are definitely worthwhile. These eyeshadows provide a metallic finish and are super sparkly, every girls dream!

Price: $10.95 AUD each

Where to purchase: Priceline or Nyx Store at Pacific Fair.

There are 24 shades available that range in so many pretty colours. I have 4 shades which are:

  • Jaded

This is a deep green shade that has a light green shimmer to it. This shade gives me a mermaid vibe.

  • Smoke & Mirrors

A deep gunmetal shade with a silver shimmer. Obviously, this is the perfect shade to achieve a smokey eye appearance.

  • Frost Bite

A white opalescent shade with blue pearl. This is awesome to use to highlight your brow bones.

  • Girl Talk

A very pretty opalescent pink shade. This shade is also great to use to highlight your brow bones.


Swatches bottom to top: Jaded, Smoke & Mirrors, Frost Bite, Girl Talk

You can see in the images the absolute incredible sparkle and pigmentation these shadows have. The transition from brush to eyes is very easy, you only need to dab a small amount of these shadows onto your brush. Onto the formula itself it is lightweight and simple to blend. Throughout the day I have minimal fallout. For such an affordable price, these shadows could seriously be high-end products.

Honestly I don’t think I’ve ever had anything negative to say about Nyx, every single product I have tried is perfection. Nyx, you never fail to disappoint me!

Keep smiling

Beautygemm ❤


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