January Favourites

The first month of 2017 is now done and dusted! Sooner or later it will be the middle of the year, time goes by like the blink of an eye. So yes, naturally these are my 5 choices for my favourites of the month January, let us begin ūüôā


Replederm Complexion Perfection Dark Spot Corrector

Price: $79.90 AUD

This is an Australian-vegan and cruelty free brand! I’ve been suffering quite a lot of dark spots lately around my cheeks. The intentions of this product is to brighten the skin, to prevent skin discolouration and pigmentation. The formula itself is quite rich, but doesn’t make your skin oily. My skin appearance overtime has certainly improved in brightness and looks less dull.

Ingredients include: Pracaxi Oil, Seaweed Extract, Beta Glucan and Niacin Amide.



Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer

Price: $44 AUD

My gorgeous chocolate-scented matte bronzer from Too Faced. I love it so much and use it every day for work. I always apply on the hollow of my cheeks and top of forehead. It smells incredible and I just want to eat it! It actually contains antioxidant-rich cocoa powder and signature bronzing pigments that neutralizes red and evens skin tone. Milk chocolate is the lightest shade which is perfect for my fair skin. There are many other shades available to suit your skin tone perfectly.


Lush Pink Peppermint 

Price: $24.95 AUD

How amazing are the staff at LUSH?! So welcoming and caring. Now this foot lotion is incredible to soothe my feet after a long day of work (my job involves a lot of walking, which is great exercise, I love it!)  Intentions of this foot cream is to boost foot circulation. You might be unaware, certain sections in your feet are linked to your major internal organs, foot reflexology is very good for you.

Ingredients include an anti-fungal oil for swelling, cocoa butter to nourish and moisturise the feet and peppermint and arnica to calm and soothe. The lotion itself is pink! aThe formula actually feels lightweight and smooth to apply.

BEST TIP: A small amount of this product goes a long way.



Cedel Dry Shampoo

Price: $14.99 AUD

Dry shampoo is a new discovery of mine. I am beyond obsessed using it, I use in between washing my hair and be-rids my oily roots and adds volume. Cedel Dry Shampoo has a beautiful coconut fragrance to it, bonus! When applying just make sure you keep the bottle a good distance away from your hair because the product itself does come out fast. There are two shades for either Light hair or Dark hair. Recently, I lightened my hair so I am currently using the Light Dry Shampoo.



Milani Amore Matte Lip Cream

Price: $17.95 AUD

I have shade 10 called Adorable. It is a pink nude siege and provides a beautiful finish.  This particular product of Milani is a liquid to matte lip formula which smells beautiful, smooth to apply and dries instantly. The applicator tip is double sided which makes application super easy. I think you all probably know by now, Milani is my favourite drugstore brand. So I have to share a little love to Milani.


There you have it, my favourites for January! I hope you enjoyed this blogpost and many more are to come, keep your eyes peeled or subscribe to my channel for constant updates…

Keep smiling

Beautygemm ‚̧


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