Rimmel Kate Moss 15th Anniversary Lipsticks

This 15th anniversary marks when Kate Moss first collaborated with Rimmel, where does time go? Over this past 15 years, Rimmel have done some wonderful collaborations with Kate Moss. Now this lipstick range includes Kate’s most favourite shades of nudes and reds.

First let’s discuss the packaging. It’s quite different to the usual packaging, it is a beautiful rose gold case and is limited edition. So they won’t be out for long then!

The formula is actually much creamier and softer to apply than the previous Kate Moss lipsticks. I have previously written a blog regarding her ‘Nude Collection.’ The sweet. scent of these lipsticks are the same as the previous Kate Moss lipsticks. I find the finish of these lipsticks is actually more glossier to her previous lipsticks as well. Pigmentation wise, the staying power lasts a whole day of work for me, which is around 7 hours. I especially love to wear the nude shades for work.

Price: $13.95 AUD

There are 6 shades available:

  • 51 Muse Red

This shade is a bright red with a blue tone.

  • 52 Idol Red

This red shade has an orange based tone.

  • 53 Retro Red

A classic berry red. Think Marilyn Monroe!

  • 54 Rock N Roll Nude

This is a very soft peachy-pink toned nude.

  • 55 My Nude

More of a rose beige nude tone.

  • 56 Boho Nude

This nude colour has a brownish tone to it.


Swatches from bottom to top: Muse Red, Idol Red, Retro Red, Rock N Roll Nude, My Nude, Boho Nude

In all honestly, I feel this is my favourite lipstick Kate Moss has done with Rimmel. What awesome collaboration do you think Rimmel will do next with Kate Moss? I can’t wait to see! 🙂

Beautygemm ❤


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