Faby Nail Lacquer

This nail lacquer company is 100% cruelty free containing absolutely no harsh chemicals whatsoever to avoid causing damage to your skin and health.

FABY nail lacquer, styled in Italy is long-lasting and durable. For me, the staying power is great because it didn’t chip for me in almost 2 weeks.What more could you want? The bottle is curvy shaped with then a flat brush which contains 400 DuPont fibre bristles to allow easy application onto your nails. I really wanted to share this quote from their website, I think it is really lovely. ‘FABY believes that everyone should use nail lacquer as an expression of their own style. With over 270 lacquer shades to express that style, FABY is fashionable, fabulous and unforgettable.’

The nails lacquers I will be discussing are from the Joy Collection. This collection has 12 vibrant shades ranging in many themes such as friendship, happiness, love and serenity.

Price: $19.90 AUD each

I have 4 from this collection which are:
A coral red, pomegranate shade which is the symbol of optimism
A bubblegum pink shade which is the symbol of giving and to receive with love and joy
A tropical orchid shade which is the symbol of beauty
A turquoise mint shade which is the symbol of friendship
A beautiful variety of shades, I honestly don’t have a favourite because I think they are all lovely colours and share a lovely message. Be kind to others and to yourself especially!
Talk soon..
Beautygemm ❤

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