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What do I love most about different body creams? Of course the specific benefits to improve (well at least try to improve) my body. As a woman I suffer from… (ready for the long list) Stretch marks, cellulite, dry skin, the anticipation of my skin ageing, did I mention varicose veins? Yuck!! Hate all of those words put together! As women, yes we all suffer from these situations.

Not only is it great to incorporate body creams in your daily regimen, make sure to regularly exercise, drink plenty of water and eat your fruits and vegetables. Nothing you haven’t heard.. but it’s so incredibly important to. Also don’t forget to smile my lovelies!

So there are a few different types of body creams I will be discussing in this blog, so let me stop blabbing on and let us finally begin!

Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser

Price: $9.99 AUD 

This product is best to use if you are suffering from very dry skin. What I love most about this moisturiser it is very quick and easy to use. Just spray and rub and all done! The formula is light weight yet hydrates my skin instantly. It contains micro droplets of Vaseline Jelly which helps for quick absorption.


Palmers Cocoa Butter Spray Lotion for Stretch Marks

Price: $15.99 AUD

I’m currently loving spray lotions, super fast to use with fast absorption. This one targets stretch prone areas helping to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and supports skin elasticity. Ingredients include Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E, Soy Lecithin and Bio C-Elaste. There are zero parabens and phthalates included in this lotion which can actually causes severe health issues!


Nivea Q10 Plus Body Contouring Cream

Price: $9.99 AUD

Now this cream is intended to firm your skin and improve the appearance of skin tone by reducing cellulite. Best place to use this product on your body is belly, thighs, buttocks and upper arms. The formula has a light scent and a moisturising consistency. Overtime I have felt my skin become smoother and firmer. Such an affordable price too, Nivea you rock!


Lady Lathers Body Whip

An amazing lady I know creates vegan soaps and skincare. You can find her website on Etsy, just click on the title above. I’m not too sure of the price of this one. This body whip contains orange and ginger. The texture feels super fluff and when I apply to my skin it feels super creamy and smooth. Also, her soaps are beyond incredible and perfect for sensitive skin. I definitely recommend for you all to have a look at her Etsy shop 😉


Weleda Pomegranate Regenerating Body Lotion

Price: $25.95 AUD

Last but not least is by Weleda and this lotion focuses on preventing the ageing of your skin. Ingredients are pomegranate seed oil, apricot kernel oil and shea butter. All of these products together as a result stimulate cell renewal and protect the skin. Scent-wise it is a beautiful soft, fruity scent. Texture-wise smooth and creamy! This lotion is definitely great to use all year round.


There are quite a few products I’ve gone through, but it’s a great variety for you all to choose from and I hope you enjoyed reading. Let me know your thoughts.

Beautygemm ❤


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  1. Abroad Promotions says:

    Hi Gemma

    Enjoyed your blog about the body creams – would have loved if you featured our Body Crème with coffee in the blog to – especially about the cellulite, dry skin and skin ageing – these are all factors that caffeine is so good for.

    Maybe next time

    Kind regards

    Christelle Tait



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