Aromatherapy Associates Polishing Body Brush

Keeping your body circulated is very important, there are many ways of doing this and I am going to share one of those ways with you in this blog. This is of course by using a Body Brush. I’m sure there are plenty of choices out there on the market, but I want to discuss the lovely Body Brush from Aromatherapy Associates.

Price: $42 AUD

The best part about this company is that they have for over 30 years used natural ingredients, purest extracts and essential oils.

The purpose of this brush is to boost skin circulation, prep your skin for deep hydration and further remove dead skin cells. It is a wonderful exfoliation and does feel quite intense and stimulating on the skin. If you don’t like a rough exfoliation on the skin, this brush may not be suitable for you.

The bristles of this brush are actually made of cactus sisal. Sisal comes from the Agave Cactus which provides a stiff, durable, non-static fibre and is then used to fill brushes. It is the perfect natural fibre for exfoliation to improve and condition the overall appearance of your skin tone. Who knew?!?!

I wanted to share this quote with you regarding the benefits of using this brush: ‘By stroking the brush towards the heart it boosts lymphatic drainage and breaks down fatty deposits, improving skin tone.’

So, how is the best way to use this brush? First tip, don’t ever use this brush with water or a soapy body product. Only use it alone as it’s considered more of a pre-treatment scrub. Best to use before bathing or showering, NEVER EVER USE IN THE SHOWER OR BATH. Use either short, long or circular strokes. Start from your legs and work your way up towards the heart which is the best way to stimulate circulation.

Good circulation helps benefit the body’s muscles, arteries and heart. Additionally, it helps to improve oxygen and provides a rich blood flow.


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All of this makes you think twice about taking care of your body, we only have 1 after all so why not take care of it!

Beautygemm ❤


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