Witchery Gel Nail Polish

I’ve always been a fan of Witchery’s Fashion and so I was extremely excited when they launched their very own beauty range! Makeup and nail polish 🙂 This blog is primarily about their nail polish but I do have some blogs to come regarding their makeup.

You may have noticed in many of my blogs I have a lot of fun experimenting with different Nail Polish brands. There’s an incredible array of choices out there, and so many beautiful shades that I have yet to experiment with.

FYI: All Witchery’s beauty products are made in Australia.

In regards to their ingredients, no nasties such as Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate and Formaldehyde are included in their polishes. A lot of these types of ingredients are very harmful to your health, it’s so vital everyone not to ever use polishes that include these ingredients. Anything that absorbs into your skin, will then go into your bloodstream. You don’t want any bad chemicals there!

Price: $14.95 AUD

If you have a look at their website and go into beauty, Witchery have a lovely range of nail polish colours. The formula has quite a thick texture to it and seemed to stay on my nails nicely for around a week without chipping. As you can see in the images provided below the colours are rather shiny on the nails and give a solid, glossy finish.

I have 3 shades which are:
  • Espresso
  • Pop Red
  • Deep Berry
In short, this nail polish range by Witchery is quick drying, with a long lasting formula.
Have a great weekend!
Beautygemm ❤

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