Purple Lips

My favourite colour is purple, and what better way to share my favourite colour with lipsticks. I felt like sharing this as well because I love nature. My favourite trees are actually the Jacaranda’s, purple flowers of course. I naturally assumed these trees were Australian, but… interestingly they originate from South America.

Back to the lipsticks, have the confidence to rock these colours, go out of your comfort zone and wear them! 😉


Jordana Cosmetics Modern Matte Lipstick

Price: $10 AUD

This is shade ’08 Matte It Girl’ which is a fuchsia colour. A very vibrant colour to say the least with an opaque matte finish. The formula feels very softening, glides on nicely and stays on well. It’s so affordable as well, could it get better??

Nars Lipstick

Price: $40 AUD

A little more expensive… This is shade ‘Schiap’ which has more of pinky tone to it, but to me it seems to have a slight fuchsia tone to it. I love the tone of this lipstick so I had to incorporate it into this blog. Shade ‘Schiap’ has a satin, semi-matte formula with a velvety finish. It feels creamy on the lips, doesn’t dry out either.

Mac Lipstick

Price: $36 AUD

Classic bullet shaped lipstick, even with the packaging. This is shade ‘Men Love Mystery,’ which is a lavender violet shade. The formula has a matte finish and feels so feather light. Only thing is to use a lip primer before, as this lipstick can dry on the lips after a couple of hours. I love the scent, I would best describe it as a musky, vanilla scent.


Arbonne Smoothed Over Lipstick 

Price: $42 AUD

Most expensive lipstick in this blog. This is shade ‘Camellia’ which has a purple undertone. The formula for this lipstick is very moisturising so you only require a small amount, or else you will over-apply. It has a satin-glossy finish. Don’t get me started with the scent, so divine! I would best describe it as a fruity, botanical scent. Only botanical ingredients are contained in all Arbonne products.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick

Price: $28 AUD 

I have shades Vanity Kills (a cool lavender tone with a satin finish) and Bittersweet (a bright purple with a matte finish) Pigmentation-wise of these lipsticks are crazy, just one swipe and that’s all you need. Additionally, these lipsticks contain Vitamin C and E for antioxidant protection.

Maybelline Colour Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid

Price: $17.95 AUD

This is shade ‘Possessed Plum,’ which is a deep purple berry colour.  The applicator tip is flat and can be used on both sides. For me, this one has more of a semi-matte finish. I find that the consistency is more velvet-like than matte, but I still love it! It also has a really lovely botanical scent.

Polka Beauty Liquid Lipstick

Price: $28 AUD

Has anyone heard of this brand? They are amazing! This is shade ‘Tambourine’ which is a plum violet. A long-wearing liquid lip colour, with an angled applicator tip to help glide easily when applying. The formula gives a moisturising, pigmented matte finish. Bonus, they are cruelty free and have other lovely ranges of shades to choose from.


Swatches from bottom to top: Jordana ‘Matte It Girl’ ; Nars ‘Schiap’ ; Mac ‘Men Love Mystery’ ; Arbonne ‘Camellia’ ; Urban Decay ‘Vanity Kills’ ; Urban Decay ‘Bittersweet’ ; Maybelline ‘Possessed Plum’ ; Polka Beauty ‘Tambourine’

Overall, I found all these lip products true to their colour and didn’t bleed out for me. (Then again, I’m always super paranoid and careful when I wear vibrant colours)

There we have it for this blogpost, have any of you tried these shades before? Which one would you choose out of all of these colours?

Beautygemm ❤







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  1. The Arbonne scents are just amazing aren’t they! You have a great collection 🙂

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