This is just a quick blog to let you all know how I went trying out two skincare products from Biore for the very first time. Free your pores is exactly how Biore says it. They are probably best known for their nose pore strips, which are beyond awesome to getting rid of blackheads. But I’ll be discussing a cleanser and scrub.


Pore Detoxifying Foam Cleanser

Price: $ 10.99 AUD

A 4 in 1 Cleanser! It cleanses, tones, stimulates and detoxifies. In the images provided below, the packaging contains a pump for super easy utilisation. The formula is thick and creamy, although it is self-foaming and becomes thicker as you massage more into the skin. I find it really great to remove makeup. It has quite a cooling feeling to it, almost as if your skin feels purified and conditioned afterwards.

It makes sense why this cleanser feels so cooling as it contains humectants to gently cleanse skin. extracts of sugar beet to condition and moisturise skin and extracts of antioxidant green tea leaf and eucalyptus to soothe and refresh skin.




Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub

Price: $10.99 AUD

The purpose of this scrub is to gently exfoliate your skin then naturally dissolves so you never over-scrub. It is a concentrated powder that is activated with water to clean your pores and leaving your skin feeling smooth. An ingredient included in this scrub is baking powder which actually helps to deeply cleanse and exfoliate the skin. As a result, this helps to exfoliate away and say goodbye to dirt, oil and impurities.

How to use: In the images provided below, all you do is push the blue button to open the lid. Ensure you face us wet, so best to use in the shower. Shake a small amount (size of 10c coin) into the palm of your hands and add some water to activate the cleanser. (This turns the scrub into a paste-like formula. The trick is more water will turn the formula even softer) Afterwards massage over your face for 1 minute or so and then rinse. Voila!

I noticed that if I use too much of this product, my skin goes dry. So I reduced the amount and use everyday second or third day.


Best place to purchase: Priceline

Overall, quite impressive products for a very affordable price. I admit, there are some high-end skincare products out there that may not be worth the price. Admit it, you agree with me..

Beautygemm ❤


Click images to see larger and more clearly.




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