Contouring Palettes

Contouring palettes are everybody’s rave lately. But why wouldn”t they be? They are simple to use, convenient to take on the run and overall just so fun to play with different, gorgeous colours! Here are a few palettes for you to compare and see maybe if you would enjoy using any of them 🙂


Sleek Face Contour Kit

Price: $16 AUD

This palette comes with a powder contour and shimmer highlighter. It comes in 3 different shades: Light, Medium and Dark. I have shade ‘Light’ which suits my skin-tone perfectly.

The contour has quite a buttery formula and is very pigmented. Trust me, you only need to swipe your brush once! The contour has a perfect tone for winter that blends beautifully to create depth. You can build up to create a more intense look if you prefer.

The highlighter is quite dense and shimmery, but I love shimmer. The more shimmer the better for me. It actually reminds me of theBalm Mary-Loumanizer.


Maybelline Bricks Bronzer Highlighter 

Price: $21.95 AUD

Quite an innovative product by Maybelline. This is shade ’01 Blondes.’ For me, the bronzer gives a more natural appearance. It is very warm and has a slight orange tinge to it so great to use in summer time. It’s actually much warmer than Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer!

I love the bronzer, but I found the highlighter a little too dark for me. It has a slight reddish tone to it and didn’t suit my skin-tone. So, instead I either mix the whole product together to use solely as a bronzer OR I use it as a blush. That’s what is so great about palettes, use them however you please.


It Cosmetics Vitality Brightening Anti-Aging Face Disk

Price: $58 AUD

Quite a long title! This is a 3 in 1 palette containing a contour, blush and illuminator. The packing is shaped like a disc, very sleek and comes with a mirror.  Ingredients include hydrolysed collagen, silk and peptides. The formula for this palette is even more buttery than the Sleek Palette. Pigmentation wise, ahh-mazing! So a small amount goes a long way and feels super smooth to blend in.

Contour: This is neutral toned and provides a matte appearance.

Blush: A soft peachy pink that provides a natural flush and would suit many skin tones.

Illuminator: A luminous gold which is bellissimo! My favourite to use.


Napoleon Perdis Ultimate Contour Palette 

Price: $65 AUD

This palette also contains a contour, blush and highlighter. It contains a very small mirror, but the palette itself is quite small and light, it would be great to take with you travelling. The formula is quite loose, but feels velvety in texture.  This palette isn’t heavily pigmented and creates more of a subtle appearance.

Contour: This one actually has a lighter tone to it, more like a matte coffee colour.

Blush: A soft rosy peach colour which would again be versatile for many skin tones.

Illuminator: It has a beautiful soft, golden shimmer.


Where exactly to apply?

Contouring: I always apply to the hollows of cheeks, temples, top of forehead, jawline and sides of nose.

Blush: The apples of cheeks and only this area! It can be easy to over-apply blush and it won’t look right then.

Highlighter: Just above the cheekbones, bridge of my nose, middle of forehead and cupids bow. Amazing what definition highlighter can create to your face.


Hope you enjoyed this blog 🙂 Many more to come!

Beautygemm ❤


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