A few of my favourite things: June

It is now officially the middle of the year, where did those 6 months go??

On a professional note, I’ve been really loving my new job and so happy to be there. Guess what, next week I’m attending the Bloggers United Event. I’m super duper excited and can’t wait to blog about share all about event with you guys 🙂

Ok, now back to what this blog is about, favourites for the month of June:


Mavala Duo Satin Eyelid Powder

Price: $29.95 AUD

A cosmetics brand from Switzerland I have recently discovered. This eyeshadow contains camomile, calendula, elderberry and myrrh. So it is very soft in texture and blends in gently. I have shade ‘Sweet Truffle.’ The darker shade has a matte appearance and is the perfect tone to use as a transition shade in the crease. The lighter shade contains satin pearls which create and iridescent appearance. I find the lighter shade great to use on my eyelid and brow-bone. But you can use the shades however you please. You can apply to create either a subtle or intense eye look.



Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

Price: $29 AUD

This was actually my first time ever trying out this reformulated foundation by Bourjois. And boy oh boy, I love this foundation! There are 6 shades available which are: Light Vanilla, Vanilla, Light Beige, Beige, Dark Beige and Light Bronze. I’m using shade Light Vanilla which is perfect for Winter.

The formula feels lightweight and contains Vitamin C, B5 and E to provide a radiant glow. This foundation has a light to medium coverage. Just from the swatch below you can see how it has a dewy appearance. I like how this foundation doesn’t feel cakey nor does it dry my face out during the day. The fragrance has a subtle fruity smell which actually reminds me a lot of my Chanel Les Beiges Foundation.



Dr Hauschka Colour Correcting Powder

Price: $72 AUD

I’ve been enjoying this translucent powder to set my foundation. It smells and feels beautiful on the skin. It contains soothing botanical ingredients, so this product can also be used to reduce the appearance of redness.




Racinne Delicare Perfection Cream

Price: $45 AUD

A Korean Skincare brand I have fallen in love with. Check out their website to see the amazing range of skincare products they have suitable for all skin types. Winter has definitely arrived now and my skin feels dry and tight 😦 This little baby has ensured my skin maintains hydration throughout winter time.

Ingredients include Shea butter, Vitamin E and Sunflower Seed Oil. This helps to replenish the skins moisture barrier. The texture is thick and creamy so I would recommend only to use this moisturiser during winter as it throughly nourishes the skin.



Bioderma Sebium H20 

Price: $42.99 AUD

If you are like me sometimes you don’t feel like washing your face over and over again to remove makeup. Luckily, Bioderma have an awesome Micellar solution which cleanses and removes makeup at the same time. Yes you heard me right, a non-rinse product! Another great invention since sliced bread. This particular product feels very gentle. It is soap, fragrance and alcohol free. I have sensitive skin and it does not react with me. So if you suffer from sensitive skin, this one is right for you.. All you have to do is place the product on a cotton wipe and wipe away on your face until all gone. Easy as that 😉


What are your favourites for June? Please share…

Beautygemm ❤



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