Colour Pop Haul

Hi everyone and welcome back to my latest blog. I’ve heard of the makeup company ColourPop for a couple of years now. I finally took the plunge to try out some of their products and took advantage when they had 20% off all products!

ColourPop Cosmetics began in 2014 with no testing on animals. Their products are super affordable as well. What better reasons not to love this company?!

Products I decided to give a try are:

Bronze Me

This is a matte warm bronze. This creme bronzer creates a natural warmth both blendable and buildable, sinking nicely into the skin. The formula feels very creamy and the consistency is very smooth when applying. After application this bronzer provides a warm golden brown shade. There is a slight glow as well. I would say this is a great bronzer for anyone with yellow-toned skin. My skin-tone is neutral, so I can usually lean either way. You could even use this bronzer as an eyeshadow, a great transitioning shade!



Their blushes are a creme powder that are buildable to your desire. I find after applying to the apples of my cheeks, they have a subtle dewy finish. The texture of their blushes are very soft.


This is a mid tone pale pink. A much more natural blush which is great for the fairer complexion.


A cool toned bubble gum pink. This one is much brighter.

Bottom swatch: Prenup, Top swatch: Thumper


All of their highlighters have a creme to powder formula. They have a velvety texture and provides beautiful luminous glow. It’s up to you how and where to apply. Use anywhere on your face, or body even! You can apply either with your fingers or a brush. If you use a brush, apply generously.

Stole the Show

This is a light warm silver with flashes of pink, silver and gold.

Lunch Money

A soft light gold. I find this highlighter a little more subtle and translucent.

Bottom swatch: Lunch Money, Top Swatch: Stole the Show

Lippie Primer

This lippie primer helps to fill in the lips for a smooth application and for you lipstick to last much longer throughout the day.


Lippie Pencil

Super pigmented that I sometimes use as a lipstick and then put a gloss over on top. I decided on getting 4 lip pencils which are:

Bound: muted mauve
Lumiere: Dusty mauve pink
Tootsi: Muted griege
Aquarius: Soft pinky nude
(top to bottom in images below, sorry my left hand isn’t very steady, hence the not so very straight lines I drew)


So that’s my haul for this month… Not sure what my next haul will be, but I may be due for one soon ;P

Keep smiling and never let anyone allow you to feel down about yourself

Beautygemm ❤


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