Soroci Skincare

I’ve been really intrigued by Asian beauty products. I find their products innovative and have quirky packaging. So for this blog I’m sharing my experience trying out Soroci Skincare for the first time. Soroci is a Korean skincare brand and their ingredients are predominantly based on plant extracts.

Where to purchase: You will find an amazing array of skincare and cosmetics available on Style Story. This is an Australia’s Korean beauty store which was founded in 2013.

Two products from Soroci Skincare I tried out which are:

Soothing Skin Toner

Price: $27.95 AUD

This toner feels very gentle on the skin and provides a dewy finish. It’s intentions are to balance the skins natural pH and to protect the skin. Additionally it helps to control sebum and minimise the appearance of pores.






Mild Lotion

Price: $32.95 AUD

The formula of this moisturiser feels lightweight on the skin yet provides just the right amount of nourishment. I know in the picture that I’ve provide below, the formula appears quite thick, but once applied it absorbs instantly into the skin and doesn’t feel overly rich.


Main ingredients in both of these products include:

  • Organic rice bran- which has vitamins to nourish the skin
  • Licorice root extract- improves an uneven skin tone
  • Niacinamide- this is Vitamin B3 to brighten the skin
  • Propolis extract- a natural antibiotic to hydrate the skin
  • Ceramides- to replenish the skin
  • Tocopheryl- Vitamin E to condition the skin

You only need to use a couple of pumps and you are set. Both of these products are perfect for sensitive skin and to provide good hydration. Suffering from sensitive skin myself, I’ve been very impressed by these products. I’m definitely eager to try other Korean beauty products out!

What are your thoughts?

Beautygemm ❤



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